Below are the body waxing services that we offer.

Bikini Wax $40.00

All hair removed outside normal underwear line starting at belly button

Brazilian Wax $60.00

Everything completely removed

Chest $45.00

Removal from the chest area, not including the stomach or the neck

Full Arm $40.00

Removal from shoulders to the wrists

Full Back $45.00

Removal from full back, including shoulders

Full Leg $55.00

Removal from hip to ankle not including bikini area

Half Arm $25.00

Removal from the wrists to the elbows

Hawaiian-mini Strip $50.00

A slight landing strip remains

Lower Leg $30.00

Removal from knees to ankles

Stomach $25.00

Removal between the bust-line and the navel

Underarm $30.00

Underarm hair removal

Upper Leg $35.00

Removal from the hips to the knees not including the bikini line