1. what exactly does toxin free mean? are your services considered organic?

We are not organic. Our nail care line SpaRitual is what is commonly known as “3 free or 5-free”, which is a polish free of formaldehyde (colorless toxic chemical, potential carcinogenic with a suffocating odor) camphor, dibutyl phaltes (colorless oily liquid mostly used in insect repellants), toluene (colorless flammable liquid) or formaldehyde resin.  They are also, vegan and cruelty free, which means they are not tested on animals. Our Skin care line Cosmedix is the same natural, green, cruelty free and vegan.

2. if you don't use acrylic what do you use?

We don’t do acrylic, there is nothing in our shop that is like it. It is unhealthy for you, as a client and as a nail technician. Transformations has moved away from breathing in dust and fumes that are involved in acrylic nails or electric filing. We specialize in manicures.

3. what is the difference between transformations and the nail salon i'm used to?

Transformations will encourage our clients to Love the Skin You’re in. We want you to come in relax, renew and restore yourself. We will treat our clients like family. We will maintain a pleasing atmosphere for our customers being serviced. Fresh flowers, beverages to drink and great conversation. Transformations will be more sanitized and sterile then other salons, by going through a 3 step system. The kind used in dentist’s offices. To sanitize our pedicure chairs, we will use cleansers that are successful in fighting viruses, bacteria, fungi, and tuberculosis. This will ensure safety for our clients as well as our nail technicians. Our nail files and buffers will be single use, and be given to clients after their visit. 

4. what are the benefits i will see using your services vs traditional services?

The benefits you will see at Transformations is a personable experience. We are not just a nail care studio, we also provide skin care such as facials and peels, as well as full body waxing. Our staff is experienced and friendly. Transformations wants to our clients to be comfortable and not just seen as numbers.  We are not a factory moving people in and out, we take our time, to make sure you are satisfied. We want to help you love the skin you’re in.

5. How long will my nails be able to uphold between appointments?

With a standard manicure, your polish will last depending on how often you are using your hands. Nails grow about 1/10th of an inch each month, and this will also affect your manicure. Our SpaRitual Gold manicures extends the life of you manicure by 3-4 days.  So if your manicure normally last 4 days with Gold it will last 8 days. We do not offer gel manicures with UV light, as the constant use of the light and severe soaking to remove the polish is very harmful. The Gold system is self-repairing and allows itself to bounce back from smudges. Once the topcoat is applied, you will be dry in 8 minutes! 

Please feel free to CONTACT us for any other questions you may have!